Friday, April 1, 2011

Twins at Dawn

April Fools chaos when I went to the barn this morning. Two extra baaa's from 2 new lambs. All the sheep were in together and one lamb is white and one black so at first it was not clear who they belonged to. After doing a check all were still fat except Charlotte. I sent the rest out of the barn and set the jug (pen) up for Charlotte and her black ram lamb and white ewe lamb.

Sarah kept baaing loudly and I could not figure out why -- Zora was fine. Later, I think we solved the mystery. The black lamb was licked clean and dry but the second lamb never did get licked clean. Charlotte was rejecting the black lamb a little but giving the white (second) attention.

We think Sarah licked the black ram lamb clean while Charlotte was delivering and attending to the white ewe lamb. Then when Sarah was sent out she was apparently having separation anxiety. She got over it soon after. The ram lamb was a little slow to learn where the milk comes from but by the end of the day it seemed like all was as it should be except the white lamb needs a rain shower.

The ram lamb looks like Charlotte but the white lamb looks like the milkman. Sorry no pictures yet but surely by tomorrow.

When I left the barn, Mira was looking at the barn wall while the others were eating hay but she had just eaten grain. Maybe the real April Fools surprise will be a lamb or two at a minute before midnight.

Beau seems to approve of the new lambs and has licked their ears.


  1. I learned many good things on the farm last week including patience. . . they will come, they will come, they did come!

  2. PICTURES?!!!! It didn't happen if there are no pictures.

  3. You are so blessed to have such a beautiful flock! Those little lambs are so precious!