Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yesterday was a sad day at Cabin Spring Farm

Beau resting but always looking out for the lambs

Yesterday, when I went down to the barn in the morning around 6 A.M., I found Amelia had delivered a ram lamb but it was not alive. He was the largest lamb yet and unfortunately a single so Amelia does not have a lamb to mother this spring. Not sure what happened-- the face was licked clean and mouth open slightly. Maybe if I had arrived earlier he would have survived but that is something I will never know and I have to let it go. Amelia is doing well physically and I hope emotionally. That is life on the farm.

On a happier note, the other 5 lambs are doing very well and new moms are doing a good job. They keep us laughing. They mature SO quickly and have amazing instincts.

This morning when I went down to the barn at 4:30, all was quiet. When I went at 6 something, one of the sheep or Beau had opened one of the barn doors and most of the sheep were out and about. No new lambs so that was good -- maybe tomorrow. Hildegard and Mira are the last two holdouts.

I am sorry I have not been able to keep up with the blog as I have been exhausted at night. Here are more pictures finally.

Annie's ram lamb

Annie's ewe lamb (she looks the most like a CVM)

Charlotte's Norma Jean and Jumping Jack Flash enjoying the morning sun

Zora eating minerals

Annie and family enjoying freedom

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