Saturday, April 16, 2011


When I was young, growing up in Missouri, the neighborhood kids used to play outside games, after dinner in the dark all summer long. During the day, it was too hot and all you could do outside, was read under a big oak tree or go swimming. The lambs have been reminding me of those times.

During the day, the lambs hide out in the shade of the trees behind the barn alot, but come sundown and they come alive. They chase each other round and round the outside of the barn then jump up on top of the overturned tub, down to the chicken coop and back up around the barn. They are so fast that even if it was light enough to take a video they would be a blur. Once in awhile they stop long enough for me to snap a picture.

Greta is a week old now and allowed to play with the others.

I think Greta is going to have cotswold locks or at least not dense fleece like CVM. Norma Jean might too. Sammy has his mom's Finn fleece (he is the softest). The rest have their father's CVM fleece. I wonder what Hildegard's will look like.

We had torrential rain and some hail today. I went to town with not much going on and got caught out. It took me an hour to get home because of flash flooding. When I got home, everything looked so clean. Since the sheep like to be out in the rain, they got a rainwater rinse that made them shiny and soft. They felt so oily yesterday.

Heavy rain was predicted so I raked up the barnyard real good yesterday. I love it when I do something right. The barnyard is shiny now too.

We had rains like this in Missouri too and tornado watches. It is delightful to experience lush GREEN spring again even with the clashes of thunder that send all the animals to the barn for cover.

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