Saturday, April 30, 2011

Not Just a Handy Husband

Some woman boast of having handy husbands that can make things and get things done. But do they have wooden feed trough with routed edges and flared legs? Probably not. The other day I was thinking I might try to make a feed trough from a stash of less than perfect lumber we have out back. I found a piece that wasn't too bad and headed to the wood shop. John was doing a project but stopped to plane, cut and route my wood into a fine looking poplar feed trough. And after it was done he decided it wasn't long enough and went out to the weathered stash and found another O.K. piece and a short time later we had two troughs.

Norma Jean inspects one of the new troughs

It is like that with all of my little thought (especially fiber tools like drop spindles and shuttles) It is just amazing! Or I should say he is amazing.

This morning I went to an herb sale and came home with 7 plants and two spinning wheels. I had run into a friend yesterday who is a weaver and she said she never really did get into spinning and did I have any use for two spinning wheels. I am checking them out to see if I want to buy them from her for the right price. One of them is currently sitting in John's wood shop for him to find tomorrow morning. It would be nice to have a couple of extra wheels people could use to learn to spin on.

After the herb sale, I went to an event to promote fiber camp and my fiber business in general. I made some great connections and found some very excited fiber enthusiasts.

Maybe this can work. It is going to be fun trying and I know where to go when I need a little something made.

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