Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still no New Lambs but look what Zora did

I was down at the cabin yesterday doing some fiber and work and waiting for these two to let me know if they were ready. Actually Charlotte isn't due for a few days but she looks more ready than Mira who's date I wrote down as 22nd or so.

I heard Mira baaing and went to check. She seemed fine. Sarah and Zora were hanging out but when I watched Zora she wasn't putting wait on her left rear leg. I checked her out but couldn't determine what was going on.

Since Zora is the first lamb I have been up close and personal with, I decided I should have her checked out by the vet. I called and they said to bring her in. It was around 4 P.M. so I called my neighbor to see if she had a crate. She didn't but said she would come along and hold Zora.

She asked me if Beau was going to let me take the lamb out so this readied me for my plan of getting her. They were all near the gate so I walked in, walked over and scooped up Zora, walked swiftly to the gate and escaped. All the sheep started baaing loudly but I didn't look back.

Once in the van, Zora melted into my neighbors lap. She didn't seem to mind that she was taken from her mom at first. When she would baa, my neighbor scratch under her chin and she was content once again. She got some good lung exercise while being attended to but didn't get too stressed out.

The vet was great. He hold me she was probably stepped on and it could be a small fracture or torn ligament or combination. He drew me a great diagram and explained his theory. He said the treatment would be the same (splinting) for all possibilities so said x-rays weren't necessary unless I really wanted them. We opted out. He put the splint on and showed me what to to look out for and how to wrap it if I needed to redo it. And of course no swimming.

When we returned it was about 1 1/2 hours later and all the sheep were grazing except Sarah who was near the barn and seemed to be searching for Zora. When she saw me, she came running to the gate. Beau came too. I set Zora in the gate, just like nothing had happened, and she ran to her mom and nursed a long time. Sarah checked her all over and Beau wanted to smell everything.

The splint only slows Zora down a little and she has figured out how to rest.

All seems calm this morning but it is time for another check.


  1. Poor little thing...glad it all worked out. And nice out maneuvering Beau!

  2. I know it's too bad she got hurt but a lamb in a cast sure is a cute picture. How adorable.