Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Life at Cabin Spring Farm

Sarah's big day today. She had twins today at around 11 this morning. Unfortunately one of the twins was still born. Here is a picture of Sarah's little girl watching her eat. She is a very curious lamb. She is a good eater and Sarah is a good mom. It is so cute to see them together.
No good pictures of her face until tomorrow. The barn was too dark and the flash came up. Didn't want to flash her in the eyes on her first day. She has the coloring of her dad.

Beau was very interested and Sarah didn't mind him checking out her lamb as much as she did me. I am afraid I was hovering a bit too much.

I am sorry Sarah's son did not survive but that is the way of farm life and all life.

No name yet. Karen came up with some good ones but waiting to see what Lyndy comes up with-- names are one of her specialties. She may come tomorrow.


  1. the miracle of life - congratulations!

  2. I am SO excited for you, Susan. I just love that you decided to have babies. It's one more thing we get to share and I get to experience.

    Thorla is just precious. Tee hee hee.