Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Busy Morning

When I woke up this morning at 7:30 I knew this was the day I have been waiting for. There was a heavy frost, so I jumped up, grabbed my clover seed, and headed for the main pasture.

Pasture improvement is one of the most important things a sheep farmer (or any farmer) can do. The first thing our just retired cooperative extension agent told me to do was plant clover. Then he told me clover was cold hardy and the best way to plant it is to frost seed it. The idea is, that if you sow the seed on the frost the soil is heaved to some extent and then when the day warms up the frost melts and draws the seed into the ground. Sounds good to me.

My rewards for getting up and getting out there were many. For one thing, when I got up to the southwest corner of the pasture I found a BIG cedar, that must have been uprooted in one of the last windstorms, laying on the fence. Then, as I continued, I saw 3 brilliant male bluebirds fighting for the affections of 1 female. She had made her choice and was sticking near the lucky one. Later, down the pasture, I saw them checking out the bluebird house at the bottom of the driveway. All along the way, I enjoyed the views that I could never take for granted.

Beau came over to see what I was up to and helped me plant some seed. He blew gently on it as he was smelling it. Then the sheep came hoping it was more food for them.

My wonderful husband got out the chain saw and we cleared the cedar from the fence. It was a possible entry point for a predator. Not anymore.

What a busy morning when you add in the regular chores. I didn't get breakfast until 10:00.

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