Friday, March 4, 2011

Can't Wait to Look Back on This and Laugh

The good news is: I trimmed two of Mira's hooves, they weren't as bad as I thought, and she is still speaking to me. The bad new is I have two hooves to go and I have to shear her.

Of the six sheep, Mirabai is the most anxious when it comes to doing anything on her-- or at least she is the hardest. Annie is anxious but she is small and much easier to handle. Because Mira is so difficult, I clicker trained her last summer so she would let me touch her and put a halter on her. Well, that part worked, I got a halter on her. Now I need to confine her in a smaller place so she can't move so much. I think working with her on her feet is going to be easier than tipping her. At least she keeps coming back to me for food and scratches and seems not to hold today against me. I think Mira is going to teach me alot. The funny thing is, I don't dread going back to working on her again tomorrow, if I can get John's help initially.

I had planned to do Mira's hooves and shear either her or Sarah today. Big plans. It took me a long time to collect everything I needed. What a farce! First halter had to be re sized and still didn't seem big enough. Then I almost left the hooves trimmers in the closet I was planning on tying Mira to the door handle of. The short of it is--- I didn't have it all figured out but now I am closer. I have got to be more efficient about moving the sheep. If I find 6 hard what about 12 or 18. I must be mad.

Tomorrow, I can reinforce the small coral fence with some hardware that came in the mail today and then we can work in a smaller space and see how that goes. I hope the rain holds off a bit. No problem for trimming hooves but no good for shearing.

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