Sunday, March 13, 2011

White 1 is Missing

This afternoon the sheep were out grazing a new area and went through the temporary fence so I moved them to the cabin area to fix the fence. When I did so, I noticed the chickens were dust bathing under the tree where they were last week. White 1 wasn't with the rest. I didn't count the chickens when they came out. I always count the sheep but not always the chickens. They are not always together so I didn't think much of it but later when I came back from the grocery store, still no White 1. Even when the others went in for the night she was no where to be seen. I didn't hear or see anything. I was around all day. Don't know what could have happened to her. It is almost 1 year to the day since we got the chickens.

The chickens have become used to running all over the yard and pasture and down to the spring so I didn't know where to begin to look for her. We looked in all usual places.

On a happier note, I have been looking at the sheep more and more since they are getting closer to lambing and I think I saw Mira's lamb kick. It happened a couple of times. Funny twitches. Their udders are getting bigger by the day. It is hard to believe the little ones are going to be moms I still think of them as babies even though they are 2 years old. Mira and Sarah are 3 and Hildegard is 4.

Sarah is due this Saturday or thereabouts. Most things are ready but I am nervous and anxious to get a few lambs born. I have almost done all that I can do. Now, I just pray that the girls have easy deliveries or God reminds me what to do.

I hope White 1 shows up tomorrow but we may never know where she went. It is easier to keep track of the sheep, or at least with 6, 16 or so might be a different story.

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  1. I'm sorry you lost white 1. It's troubling when you don't know how she went missing, isn't it?

    This Saturday already? Gosh, I can't believe it's time. That's so exciting you saw a baby moving. I love when that happens.

    If you look at the Providence Farm link on my blog you will see pictures of her new lambs.