Sunday, April 18, 2010

You Just Never Know

Today being Sunday, I wanted to take it easy, But then I remembered how much I have to do this week and how my days are going to be broken up with stuff I committed to in the outside world, So I decided I better get another sheep sheared.

Some day I am going to find an efficient way of getting the sheep I want where I want but it wasn't going to be today. I had planned to shear Annie because I was solo today and I certainly wasn't going to attempt to finish Mira alone (more on that later). Annie is the smallest Finn sheep and I wanted to know what I was in for before shearing Sarah. The Finn have different fleece, different skin, different tails, different faces .... The Finn are also more skiddish or at least mine are.

Though not efficient, at least I have learned how to go with the flow and be flexible so when Sarah (the bigger Finn) and Amelia ended up in the pen I decided it was Sarah's turn. I was trying to decide if I should flip her or try to get her in the new sheep lounge chair when I realized I had her backed into a corner and she wasn't trying to go anywhere so I started clipping.

Sarah was a dream to shear! She didn't get anxious and pant heavily, she didn't jump the fence TWICE (like someone I know), she didn't go in circles or flip around, she stood still and licked my fingers and turned when I wanted her to. Amelia on the other hand, wanted out and crowded us and kept stepping on my foot. We ignored her as long as we could and then finally let her out.

Sarah looks Beautiful and now I have two black sheep. The neighbors driving by must think I have new sheep. Even Mira seemed to think so. With Sarah pretty much done (except her belly and one piece I missed up top), that just leaves the smallest and finishing the biggest.

Reading this makes it sound like the sheep are really shabby looking but they really aren't too bad considering it was my first time shearing. Pictures tomorrow or soon.

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  1. Wow! That's fantastic and a great surprise. I'm so impressed. When might your need me this week? Maybe you don't need me anymore (: Oh nooooo! Say it isn't so.