Monday, April 26, 2010

A quiet day in the barnyard but a busy one for me

Rosemary, my longest standing friend (since 1968), is visiting from Maine. When Rosemary comes we do alot but we just do what comes to mind at any given time So you never know what we are going to accomplish in the end. Today we washed some fleece, dug trenches for asparagus roots, carded some alpaca Rosemary brought me, spun some alpaca, went to the CO-OP to pick up some fencing stuff, made dinner, knit some and I can't remember what else.

Before all of this I cleaned the barn and talked to Beau and the sheep. The critters were pretty low key this morning -- just scratching on all their favorite things

and eating lots of minerals. It is funny how sometimes I don't see them eating their minerals for a long while and then it seems like they can't get enough of it.

"got minerals"

Tomorrow we are going to do river stuff with 4th graders but hopefully I will have time in the afternoon to dig a 4' deep hole for a ground rod for the new electric fencing. The girls and Beau will hopefully have another quiet day in the pasture and I told them they could probably go out in the afternoon. They love traveling.

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