Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The week long project

It is a GOOD thing we only have one Mirabai!!! She was by far the toughest and had so much fleece. I didn't think we would EVER get to the end of shearing her.

Mira is one of the friendliest of the 6 sheep. She always comes up and wants me to rub under her chin. Today, that was all she wanted me to do-- instead of shearing her. She was almost like a dog (don't stop). As soon as I would get my shears again she would flip out. She is the one who always plays tough and yet she was the scaredest of all. Karen said maybe she just didn't want to ever get her hair cut.

Well it took forever and she sort of broke the sheep lounge chair which was my fault BUT we finished her. Yay!!!!

Here are some photos.

Mira before getting shorn.

Then she was like this for a week while I mustered up the energy to try again.

We did it! I owe Karen BIG TIME.

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