Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The time it takes

Today I was reminded about why I don't accomplish much somedays but I don't know what to do about it. The mission was to get a ground rod 4 feet down into the ground.

I decided I was going to have to dig a 4' deep hole with a post hole digger so I spent a half hour looking for the post hole digger. Finally, John finished the project he was working on and came down to look. He found it right away buried under something. Then he asks me what I am going to do with it and when I tell him he says you don't dig down you just pound it in. Four feet down through clay and you just pound it down? Now this ground rod is around 9-10 feet long so I ask him what I should use to cut it. Then he tells me you don't cut it you just pound it in the ground. He volunteers to do it and I excitedly awaiting this miracle feat. He goes around behind the Barret Grocery barn and comes back with his 6' saw horse and goes into the barn and comes back with a huge sledge (maul?) you can't call something that big a hammer. He gets up on the high horse and starts pounding. There was NO way I could have gotten up there and lifted that sledge high enough to drive the rod at all. I know because I was trying to drive the rod in the other day in a different location and decided to back the truck up and get on top of it and try to drive the rod with a sledge a fraction of the size. Today, at least I got to hold the rod so I wasn't completely useless. Ten minutes later, the job is done plus the the solar charger is on a mounting block custom cut and mounted on a fence post. Beau and the girls get very excited when they see saw horses and power tools-- they always have ever since John built them a barn.

Because I am not strong enough to do many things I want to get done I am always looking for another way. And for some reason the other ways I come up with always involve much imagination and alot more time.

I guess I will just keep on trying and when my dear, sweet, wonderful husband volunteers to help I will say THANK YOU -and maybe make some chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. I think Susan it is more than just about strength. You remind me a lot of Dad. He was always looking for a more creative and usually more complicated way of doing something. He loved to solve problems. But then maybe it was just when he got older and had lost his strength or being an office kind of guy most of the time maybe he never had the strength John has.