Thursday, January 28, 2010

True Friends

There is a saying "You get where you are by the people you know" or something like that. What I believe is that I wouldn't be doing what I am today if it weren't for my true friends.

When I came back to knitting after several years of putting it aside to raise kids (the people kind), I would not have been able to pick it up again and go forward without the help of my true friend Kathleen. In those days I was always working on three projects at a time because I would make a mistake I couldn't fix on the first one, put it down, make a mistake on the second one, put it down, make a mistake on the third, and then give them all to Kathleen to fix. She didn't seem to mind at all in fact she was always jovial about it. Eventually, I could fix most of my mistakes but I do still ask her knitting questions when we talk (from a distance) now.

When we decided to move to Virginia and buy a place with some land I started thinking about raising sheep. My true friend, Rosemary, encouraged me and started talking like it was really going to happen instead of being just a dream. When she comes down now we have spinnathons and talk about sheep breeds.

Now that I have 6 sheep and a llama my true friend, Karen, reminds me we can do or find out how to do everything we need to for our animals. Besides that Karen comes over and helps me rassle sheep and trim hooves or do whatever we need to do. John helps me when I need him but the reason he loves my girls and Beau is that when it is going to get long or dirty, Karen arrives. And she does it all with a smile (see picture). We trimmed 28 hooves yesterday.

Kathleen, Rosemary, and Karen are also very confident and productive people and they build my confidence and encourage my creativity and productivity. I have many more true friends which I will mention later when their time comes up but I don't like long blogs.

Tomorrow is my sisters trip and I am so excited. My three sisters are also true friends and we have an incredible time when we get together. The mud has pretty much dried up, the barn is clean, hooves are trimmed, and John is going to feed Beau and the girls their hay. It will be very nice to have three days without hay in my hair and down my neck.

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