Sunday, January 17, 2010

Connections and Creativity

Ira Glass is one of my heroes. Telling stories, I believe, is one of the most important things there is to do. I saw the movie Imaginarium with Lyndy this afternoon. The hero in the movie at one point in the beginning said that if the stories ceased to be told then so too would the world cease to exist. With all the bloggers blogging I don't think we have to worry about the stories continuing.

I was looking for something on the net yesterday and as I was going from here to there who should pop up but Ira Glass, my hero, on one of those mini video things. So of course I watched it and it was about creativity blocks something that is always relevant to me. His remedy?-- When you don't think what you are doing is good enough do it more. Make yourself deadlines and just keep producing. So according to my hero, Ira, and taking into account who I am, I need to produce some sort of fiber art everyday or at least several times a week. After all why do I have 6 sheep and a llama?

On "The Story" with Dick Gordon on NPR Thursday before last, the subject was the Fat Cyclist. This guy started his blog to be accountable for trying to lose weight. At the end of each week he would weigh himself and record his weight on his blog for his friends to see. So I think maybe what I need to do is let everyone know what fiber art I have produced at the end of each week.

My neighbor Kitty, who produces great quantities of creative beauty, one day listened to me describe something I wanted to make and why I couldn't create it just yet because I didn't quite know how to do some part of it. She then looked at me and said "You have already failed if you haven't tried-- how could you fail any more than that" or at least something like that. So-- at the end of this week you will have an account of all the fiber art projects I have created or at least attempted for the week. Here Goes Ira.

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  1. Susan, I am reading a book on writing. The author says there are really 6 phases of writing and that if you don't have the energy to do actual writing you can do other things involved in the writing process that require less energy. It seems to me the same would apply to your fiber art. Like in your last post about dying the wool. Some of your yarn I'm sure has to ge wound into balls. Its all part of the process. It all has to be done. See what your energy level is for the day and plan accordingly.