Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"The best thing since sliced bread??"

It hasn't been above freezing for many days, snow is still covering the entire pasture, and I was hauling hot water several times a day down to the barn UNTIL yesterday when I finally decided I better go see what Tractor Supply had to offer to keep water from freezing. After running into my friend Karen and looking at all the options together, I finally decided on a blue 9 quart bucket with a plug coming out of the bottom. Karen had a few days earlier bought something similar which she liked. No weird heating element in the water with a dangly cord; just a simple blue bucket which is now sitting just inside the door of the barn with the cord running out between the sliding door and the barn wall. I was thinking this might be "the best thing since sliced bread"; no more late night and early morning trips to the barn with hot water, until I read Karen's blog this morning. There was a link to a web cam in Texas where you can watch a pregnant goat walk around her stall waiting to kid. Her woman human friend who feeds her and takes care of her can watch her progress from the warmth of her house (and so can 22,ooo some people around the world).

I always thought it was a little strange that people took pictures of their babies immediately after birth and emailed them around the world to family and friends. Will the web cam be next or is it already happening? I have to admit that I watched the web cam of the goat in Texas for probably 15 minutes. New life is AMAZING but what a perfect time for a little privacy.

I am thinking I might miss those late night trips to the barn with the light of the moon on the snow and the coziness of the barn at night. I may have to go down tonight just to make sure the new blue 9 quart bucket is doing its job.

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  1. I have to admit I too have been watching the web cam on and off. No kid yet, but apparently people who are watching can talk to each other to pass the time. I once checked out a web cam of Mardi Gras trying to see Rachel. Like that really happened.