Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Peace in the Barn

I love the peace in the barn! There is nothing like the sound of 6 sheep and a llama munching hay. That is the only sound you hear in the barn on a cold winter night.

When I had a small sailboat in Jack Knife Cove I used to like it when it rained so I would have to row out and bail the boat (not in the rain but after the rain). I know how that sounds but really it was SO peaceful. All you would hear then was halyards slapping masts and a few sea gulls. You might think it would be more peaceful sailing the boat but I didn't get to sail too often and there are always issues sailing anyway. Of course I could go out and sit on the boat without having to wait for a rain to make bailing necessary but I never did. Most of my friends thought I had a sailboat so I could go sailing but really it was to have something to bail out which brought a much needed time of amazing peace.

The other day out in the barn the memory of bailing my sailboat came to me and it seemed strange that two completely different places would have a VERY similar feel to them.

The reason I am thinking about this tonight is that John bought a new computer after dealing with a lot from the old one. So the last few HOURS I have been helping him set it up. UGH! We are done for tonight but it is aannnothher cold night and I am too tired to put all my warm clothes on and go down to the barn. I shouldn't have bought that 9 quart heated water bucket- then I would have to take water down to the barn tonight. Time to go to bed. Maybe I will dream of halyards slapping masts and 6 sheep and a llama munching hay.


  1. Susan,

    People are going to think you're nuts - first, being excited for a fecal kit to come in the mail, and second, having a boat just so you could bail it out.

    Strangely, I get it.

  2. I don't know Sue, the one sail we did in your boat makes that day high on my best days list. But I know what you mean about peace, it does come in very different and unusual places. And the problem with winter. It's not the cold. It's the effort to put on all the stuff you have to put on to go out into it.