Sunday, January 24, 2010


Last week was a great week. I felt like I accomplished many things - I did not, however, produce any new fiber art per se. Now with that admitted I will tell you why that didn't bother me (last week). The highlight of last week, in regard to my 6 sheep and llama, was that for the first time since they all came to live with me I felt like a shepherdess. It was the beginning of last week when we STILL had snow over 97% of the pasture (5 weeks of snow cover). There were tiny patches of grass peeking through the snow at the far end of the pasture and I decided it was time to lead my flock across the great white expanse and show them grass did still exist right there in their pasture. I had just given them their morning hay and fresh water and cleaned up a little around the barn when I mentioned to them that perhaps we should go exploring. I started off and to my amazement they left their hay and followed me. I had no hay on me or treats of any kind- just me. It felt really good. When we got to the far end of the pasture they looked for anything they could find to nibble on but it was pretty sparse. We stayed a short time and then I told them they could stay longer but I was going back to do a few more errands. They stayed a few minutes longer and then caught up with me and we all returned to the barn. Later that day they started exploring more on their own and seemed elated as more and more grass emerged from the snow cover.

Another morning, as I headed down to the barn, I noticed some tree lichen under the big trees on the way. It was as if it had rained lichen overnight- it was clean, rubberly wet, and in abundance. I collected it and knew what my next fiber art would be.

Yet another day, I turned the roving Marcus had given me into some lustrous yarn. (see future blog)

Some weeks seem to be filled with chaotic thoughts and ideas but last week seemed to flow and somehow intermesh and, as my friend in the quilt shop reminded me yesterday, after ideas float around for awhile they eventually find order and come to fruition. Maybe this will be the week.

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  1. I always feel like I am right there with you, thanks for the journey today, it was good to get some fresh air.
    I have a card that I have framed and keep in my kitchen. It says "Gazing out the window while rinsing the morning dishes, she chased her thoughts in circles, until they escaped through the screen and onto the mulberry tree. From a distance they actually made sense." From your blog, it sounds like you might relate to it.