Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Old Classic or a Rerun

It is Groundhog day as I return from my sisters' trip to Alabama to MORE snow. My sister Judy introduced me to the classic movie Groundhog Day staring Bill Murray many years ago.
She told me that some people have a tradition of watching the movie every year on Groundhog day. There are many classic movies that are seen over and over on a particular day or time of the year. So I ask myself if this returning to snow is like a classic movie being seen again, or a rerun?

White as far as the eye can see, frozen water in the sheep's water buckets [except the blue 9 quart bucket with the electrical plug (must be the middle of the movie)], and alot of shoveling. John did all the shoveling alone this time since most of it arrived after I left. It was snowing today too but I laid down to take a little nap and woke up hours later when John was finished.

I am very tired but is it because I just got back from my sisters' trip and we never get much sleep because we are having too much fun OR is it that snow makes everything more difficult and just thinking about all that needs to be done is tiring (especially after a vacation)?

A rerun is a scenario that gets repeated as well. I think the difference in viewing a classic and a rerun is the emotions that go along with each. The emotions with the rerun are something like "darn I've seen this- here we go again" and those associated with the classic are more like " oh, I love this part."

So which is it? I do love snow; it makes everything so bright and beautiful and the quiet is amazing. The sheep and Beau don't seem to mind as long as there is hay to eat and water that isn't frozen and even the frozen water doesn't seem to be a problem since they like to eat snow.

Punxsutawney Phil says, "six more weeks of winter". I think I will go with the classic but not be too vocal in public.


  1. I feel like I'm in the movie Groundhog Day with all this snow. I felt just as frustrated watching that movie as I do watching this snow return again and again.
    Welcome home.

  2. Great metaphor Sue. The problem is sometimes I just don't like all the clasic but Groundhogs Day is one I love. It's a Wonderful Life, not so much. Had a great weekend. Thanks for making it happen.