Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Waiting for the plow

Only 4 or 5 inches combined snow fall in the last 2 days! The sky is blue and we can see Big and Little House Mountains for the first time in a few days. Today might be the day to go to town IF the plow comes to do the road. Two inches fell last night and the wind came up blowing extra snow on our road so it is a little slippery. Blue did her job and the driveway is O.K. but the county has an abundance of narrow twisting and winding roads so it's not easy. All in all Rockbridge County does a great job with the roads.

I took a shower and but my town clothes on so I am ready to GO. I was thinking about the expression "a change of scenery" As you can see from the picture I don't need a change of scenery but I do need to get out. But if I don't, there aren't too many places I'd rather be stuck.

I can always go for a walk. Maybe I will even let Beau and the sheep out for a walk on the driveway. Mirabai has been acting like a goat the last few days. She comes down to the gate and puts her front feet up on the wire grids. Sarah has been chewing on the wire. I guess they too are trying to escape and get a "change of scenery". When there was no snow on the pasture and Beau and the girls would graze all day, I used to think that would be boring eating grass all day but NOW that seems like a wonderful thing to do (with short breaks for a nap or taking in the BEAUTIFUL scenery). Staying in the barn or walking a few short snow covered trails is what seems boring now.

Still no plow-- guess I will go put on some farm clothes and go talk to the animals and see if they want to come out for a walk. The day is still early, the sun is out, and I remain hopeful that later I will get a "change of scenery".


  1. Sounds like everyone has cabin fever, or in the case of the sheep and Beau barn fever. I miss your scenery. Beautiful picture by the way.

  2. Awesome picture, especially awesome because I see no snow falling.

  3. I have said it before but, Mom would have loved your view. Gorgeous!

  4. Great picture and view! I like being "stuck at home". There is so much to do in the country.