Monday, February 8, 2010

Somedays are work most days are fun

Today was work. We ran out of wood on the porch so I had to shovel off the avalanche on the front steps to be able to get the wood up. Then I had to get the sled down from the rafter in the garage (tell me what is the sled doing up in the rafters). Actually, I think it was John's way of telling the snow to go away. Before all of this, I tromped through deep snow to check the propane level and then called to get them to bring us more. They actually came out a few hours later. Must have been someone out our way that was in real need. So I talked to the Propane guy about keeping animals fed (he has 70 head of cattle and some will be calving in a few days.)

A friend of ours says, "it take a half day to do anything". Today I really felt this. Lots of trudging through snow lugging water, feeding hay, and more I have forgotten.

But that is just today-- tomorrow Ben, who turned 4 today, is coming over. He can help me feed the flock and maybe we will go sledding. It is suppose to snow tomorrow but just 3"-6" or maybe 10". Really - I am not kidding.

Beau and the girls were silly in the snow yesterday. Chasing each other and doing their bounce thing where they spring off of all 4 feet at the same time. Also doing their play head butting. I guess they felt they had to do something to break the boredom. I built them the snow sheep but couldn't get inspired to make a snow llama. Maybe Ben will help me tomorrow. I wanted to get the other sheep in the picture too but they have not yet noticed the new sheep or at least not to my knowledge. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I am very impressed. A sculptor too! What is her name?

  2. Me too, equally impressed. Can't wait to see the llama

  3. I can't believe all the snow you are getting. Will it never end? We are getting our first really big storm and I have to go to work. At least I get to ride in a warm train and work in a warm hospital. I want to see a picture of the sheep bouncing.

  4. I am doing the haul wood thing too. It seems to never end, even in warm weather we cut and stack.

    Have fun sledding!

  5. I had trouble seeing your snow sheep. Now I see it. Very cute. If you do the llama you will have to dye it brown.

  6. If you are waiting for the sheep to take notice of a snow sheep you might want to get a nice long book out to help bide your time, maybe Les Miserable. But speaking of sheep falling for a fake sheep that reminds me of something that use to happen to Tweedle D.,my so called brilliant Austrailan sheep/ border collie dog. A few years back when he was the vice president of security of Custom Lawn & Hedges and a regular traveler in my truck, he use to bark at the same fake dog (life size board/ placard of a black lab.)day after day as we passed it on the way to work. Finally after about a week he would just look at it, want to bark but I guess figured something was off. So I guess maybe there is hope for the girls. Bill