Saturday, February 28, 2015

Trading Places

I am home again.  I have been in Ohio with John's Mom.  She is now home, at her home, after being at hospital (that is the way foreigners say it), and rehab for 49 days.  John's siblings have been taking turns    hanging out,  helping with home tasks.

When John's turn came, we decided it might be better for me to go first since the farm was in the path of a big snow storm and we didn't think it fair to ask our farm sitter to plow and shovel to get to the animals.  So, I left between storms, John stayed to wait, plow a foot of snow, shovel paths for the animals, shovel a path to the wood pile, and then, he traded caring for 9 sheep and 2 geese in our snow, for hanging out with his mom in her snow (about the same amount).

When I was giving John's mom a pedicure a few days ago, I told her I wish my sheep would put their hoofs in warm water and feel pampered instead of flipping out about hoof trimming.  It is always enjoyable doing anything for someone appreciative and positive.  Maybe I should send the sheep and geese to Ohio to hang out and take notes.

I guess the animals here just have a different way of showing appreciation.  The sheep did come down to the gate to greet me when I came home (and they had been fed only a couple of hours earlier).  The geese made a huge racket welcoming me and Cirrus didn't hiss.

Trading places, is an important adventure.  It gives one a different perspective on life.  It is kind of like the practice of walking in someone else's shoes.

Another kind of trading places, I have always wanted to try, is trading homes with someone across the world.  Just for a week or month.  I might have to start looking into that, but not too sure if anyone would want to trade for a farm and care for 9 sheep and 2 geese in snow and cold.  Better to wait until it warms up a bit, I think.

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  1. We've wanted to do that too - trade houses for a month or so. Like you, I don't know if we'd find anyone who'd want to take care of animals. How nice it was of you to give your mother-in-law a pedicure. I'll bet she loved that. I should go do that for my dad.