Monday, February 9, 2015

Appreciating the Weather One Has

I don't think the animals particularly appreciate that it has been so nice the past two days.  It was 60 degrees and amazing yesterday.

Cirrus appreciated that the ice was gone in both the puddle pond and their tub.  He was in and out of water all day.  I think the sheep appreciate that the ground is not so hard and rutty as it has been, but I don't think they care if it is cloudy or cold.  What they do probably appreciate, is that I have been in a much better mood the last couple of days.

I am pretty particular about what I like when it comes to weather.  I don't like temperatures between 17-42 degrees if it is cloudy and/or windy.  I like 12 degrees or even below if it is sunny and still, I like the upper 40's and rain.  I love snow and even blizzards but what can you do with 20's, 30's and 40's with gray skies and wind.

 I feel guilty and spoiled that we had a 60 degree day yesterday when much of New England and northern states, where family and friends live, are still under a couple of feet of snow.  I have missed not having any real accumulation of snow yet this winter but I would probably be griping if we had a lot also.  It is definitely more difficult taking care of the animals with heavy snow.

I have decided I should just be happy with whatever we get and do things accordingly.  I need to dress for wind and wear brighter colors on the gray days and go out and play.

I vow to take my lead from the animals at Cabin Spring Farm and appreciate every day and get in the lea if the wind gets too bad.

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