Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Beautiful New Cabinet

I have been cleaning the fiber studio on days that the weather will allow.  I am always amazed at how much space there is in this small building when it is clean and organized.

One of the things that allows me to be more organized is the beautiful new cabinet that John built for me.  It is pine with cedar doors.  The doors will help to keep the stink bugs out and the cedar will help with the moths.  I have put the yarn from our sheep in the cabinet and balls of roving and rolled up batts from the Finns.  It actually already has more in it than when I took the picture.

 In the picture below you can see how nice and deep it is too.  I will still have to find more storage space for things that are finished and ready to be sold.  I guess I can now say, "we are open", though some people want to see more product.  John and I were talking about this today.  He wants to build some things and I want knit, weave, and felt some thing.  Neither of us want to market anything, so I guess that means things will accumulate and need to be stored somewhere, though it seems like every time we make something, someone comes along to give it to, so maybe it won't be a problem.    I told John that at least we can be busy doing what we like.

I finished John's hat.   I should knit a few more hats but I have some mittens I want to knit with the Mira/Charlotte yarn I have, to see how they come out.
This is the yarn I want to make the mittens from.  The yarn I used for John's hat is all hand spun but this is some of the yarn we sent off to the small mill to spin.  I like the way it came out and I love the color.

It is clear that there is more cleaning to be done but I need to keep creating while I am on a roll.  

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  1. The cabinet is absolutely beautiful. No surprise though. John, you're a real artist. So are you, Susan. I'm doing lots of cleaning out right now too. It feels good.