Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Spectacular Day with a Brilliant Sky

The perfect snow greeted us this morning.  More powder like yesterday and only around 6".  When I reached the barnyard the sheep greeted me, and they had already done their snow clearing.  When I let Sal and Cirrus out this morning Sal hesitated for just a few seconds to take it all in and then went off to join the sheep.  The geese have the perfect feet to walk on snow and will go through anything and then they stop and lay in the snow.

 The sky was AMAZINGLY blue and the water in the trough, crystal clear.

 There had been more than an inch of ice on most of the water, yesterday but the insulation from the snow melted it all.  The temperature was 14 degrees.

 Which of these beautiful sheep did the artistic loop I wonder.
 What is it about snow that cleans the water this clean?

So much to ponder on this Spectacular Day.


  1. Finally sat down and caught up on your blogs. I think it is kind of like watching old TV series for the first time. You get to watch a lot without having to wait for a new one to come out. But I do think I will try to keep up. I enjoyed every one. Thank you.

  2. See, having to wait for a new blog.

  3. We got at least 10 inches that first snow and then 3 or 4 yesterday. Unlike your sheep, my goats find the snow much more troublesome. Are you going through hay as fast as I am?