Monday, February 16, 2015

Sheep are no Whimps

Well, the snow finally arrived.  The forecast is for 12"-18" by morning.  Nothing like New England, but still could be significant.  The sheep seem to like the snow and the geese look like they like it better than cold ground.

When the ground is cold the geese stand on one foot at a time a lot.  Today, they were laying in the snow.  Good insulation.  Here is Greta looking at the camera.

Zorra looks like a white sheep, accept for her head.

The snow today was some of the finest powder I have ever seen.

I swept a path to the barnyard and then around the barnyard.  I picked up the sheep feed bowls because when it snows a lot they get covered and we, most me, trips on them.  When I was picking up the bowls and putting them in a pile the sheep thought I was going to give them some grain. I figured they deserved a treat so I gave them a little.  I have to make a mental note-- next time I want snow cleared I just have to walk around with some grain and the sheep will do all the clearing.  

Might not work in the morning if the snow gets as deep as predicted, though.

We have been having trouble with the cold tripping the electric outlet at the water trough but with the snow, I don't have to worry, they all love to eat the snow.

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