Thursday, March 5, 2015

Where's the Driveway?

Some people I know, measure snow in feet, some in inches, but I measure snow in how long it takes to plow and shovel your way out.  Today it snowed 3 - 4 hours worth.  That was one person (me), who doesn't plow that often, on a tractor with the blade on the back.  We got about 7 inches.

A couple of weeks ago, we were suppose to get snow in the afternoon and I had a meeting in the morning, so I decided to go and then get some food before the snow.  Well, it started snowing during the meeting and one of the guys at the meeting said he had to go home and put his driveway flags up so he could plow the driveway.  What a brilliant idea.  Look what happens when you don't.

This was the mid afternoon accomplishment.  Then I went in to dry off and get some nourishment for the next go.
You can't really tell that the driveway goes down a hill in the picture below, but it does, and remember I have to plow backwards, so I decided to define the driveway first by shoveling.  Half way through, Cirrus started squawking for dinner so I stopped to feed everyone and then went back to finish.  When I did it was 6:00.

If I am lucky the snow will compress and melt some in the morning and maybe the rest won't take too long.  The sheep did their path this time.  They were hanging out in the barn during the worst of the snow storm so I went down to give them a treat and they came through the snow to get it.

Below, is new snow on top of old snow where I go in and out to get feed. Tomorrow, when all the snow comes off the roof, it will be a lot more.

I know friends and family up north are laughing at our "insignificant" snow but remember I measure snow by how long it takes to deal with it.


  1. Good job, Susan. Your driveway is a big job.

  2. Yup. I may get more snow but I don't have to do a thing but walk to the train. It helps if everyone has shoveled their walk.