Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Full Fiber Day and Animal Introductions

Three new here.  A friend gave me a bantam rooster a few days ago and we didn't want him to get lonely so another friend had 2 bantam hens to contribute.  Today, was the day to let them out and about.  I made them stay in the coop a couple of days so they would know where to go at night when  they became free rangers.  Sal and Cirrus were made to stay in the run yesterday in hopes Sal would start laying in the run.  This morning I let them out and soon after I saw them up in the trees behind the barn.    Then I let the chickens out and they got a chance to check things out while the geese were up in the trees.

I saw Cirrus was standing guard so later checked the spot and found 4 eggs in a nice little nest of twigs.     It was flurrying this morning and cold all day so the eggs were pretty cold.  I don't know how long the eggs have there and don't know which is this morning's so I decided to save them to decorate in some way.  I may let Sal lay a few more in that nest if Karen still wants to incubate a couple, though I don't know if they are fertile.  Sal isn't interested in sitting yet so we will eat some too.  The first one I ate was delicious scrambled.  At least I know where the nest is and what to offer next in the geese run for building materials.

We had Ruckus, as planned, in a freezing fiber studio.  There were 15 of us on site and one distant participant.  We went down to visit the animals first and the sun came out.  When we went to the fiber studio, it seemed warm in comparison, and then with 15 of us playing and breathing it seemed even warmer.  We had a great time.  There were 2 of my fiber students with their mom, dad, and grandparents, the family from NJ mentioned earlier, 2 women ready to delve deeper into the fiber experience, and 2 regulars and me.  When all but 3 of us left, the fiber studio suddenly felt COLD again so we moved to  the house.  That is when we were joined by the 16th.  John's mom called to say she was knitting with some Zora and Rosa yarn that I gave her and she ran into a knitting term she didn't know.  She was knitting with us just in Ohio.

We explored SO many different things today but everything flowed so beautifully.  So many teachers so many students.  Everyone learned something new.


  1. Also I hope this rooster is better behaved than the last one.