Friday, May 30, 2014

Some Good Ideas

We finished the goslings (still no names, Lyndy) new pen a few days ago.  I think it is great and they seem to like it as well.

They eat a lot of grass so we move the pen at least daily.  They sure are growing.  John had the great
idea for what to use for the hinged top.  

This spring I bought several trees in a group order with our native plant group.  Most are for the spring area or the pasture or the edge of the woods.  I couldn't believe how small many of them were.    The woodland dogwood on the right below is a fair size but look at the one on the left. 

 and look at these river birch, serviceberry, and hawthorne.  So my good idea here (kind of borrowed from KB) was to put the little trees in some pots with some summer plants so I would remember to water them and they are more shaded here so they won't dry out so fast.  Also, I am hoping the deer won't come up to the house and climb the steps.  I may have to move some of them up a step or too.

I love the feel of the front porch now.

 Another good idea is the shade sail we bought yesterday.  Tomorrow, I will check out the sun pattern to determine the best place to put it.  Sometimes, the fiber shed gets too warm to work in and this should help.

It feels so  good to get most of the things crossed off my list.  I even got some of the beds in the veggie garden weeded and several things planted.  I am helping out at a plant sale tomorrow morning and I keep telling myself it would be a good idea not to buy too many more plants.  I hope I will listen to me.

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