Thursday, May 29, 2014

People I Otherwise Would Not Have Met

I love sharing our farm and wool processing methods with people who come for a farm tour.  Most find us through the Lexington Tourism office or, (and soon, the Fields of Gold website) but some are sent or brought by neighbors or locals who know we are here.

Last weekend, we had many visitors.  Most came in one group.  I was talking on my cell phone outside, when 2 cars came up the driveway and unloaded, what seemed like, a couple of dozen people.  At first, I wondered if it was some people who were suppose to visit the day before, that did not show up.  As I made my way down the drive, though, I recognized one of my neighbors.  She had a lot of family visiting and they were thinking about going to the Safari Park but she talked them into coming to visit our animals instead.  When some of the sheep see children, they come running (just like the animals at the Safari Park) knowing that kids sometimes means treats.  Some of the sheep don't think dealing with children is worth treats.  The little ones and a teenager loved handing out some grain and pictures were taken by several of the adults.  A good time was had by all.  Usually, we know when people are coming for a farm visit but it is fun when neighbors drop in with family or friends.

On Sunday, an art teacher from Williamsburg came for a visit.  She had emailed a few weeks earlier, asking if she could see the sheep and their fleeces.  She has taught some simple weaving to her students.  She was telling me that her after school art club was weaving and she asked them if they wanted to explore some paint medium and they chose to keep weaving.  She went back with some different kinds of wool to share with her students.  A teacher, who came to our shearing event, did the same.  No doubt about it, kids are fascinated with wool and what you can do with it.

In a couple of weeks, as soon as school lets out, we begin 3 weeks of Fiber Camp.  Last year, we were totally booked but I broke my ankle the weekend after the first week and we had to cancel the other two weeks.  This year, there are fewer signed up, but I am excited about the extra things that allows us to do.  Many are returning because they loved fiber camp but it is always exciting sharing the farm and camp with first time campers.

I think I would say to people, who are lonely or short on friends, "Move to a farm and have farm tours and camp".

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