Monday, May 26, 2014

Parenting Can Be Exhausting

Small critters of any species are Cute for a reason.  Otherwise, no one would take such good care of them until they can take care of themselves.

It has now been 2 weeks that we have had the goslings and it looks like it will be at least another 6 until they are no longer hawk, raccoon, or possum food.  They are outside most of the day but I still have to change their water throughout the day and wonder why they are doing what they are doing.

We still have to bring them in every night and keep an eye on them during the day, so they are up by the house.  I want to move them down to the barnyard soon but it is too far to transport them twice a day so I would have to make a secure day and night place for them down there.  First we have to wait for feathers to come in, so I guess I have time to draw up some plans.  I told John, "what we need is a run with a dog house and a boat to swim in".  Actually, we have the boat (John suggested using our dingy) and plenty of wood to build a dog house.  I just have to figure out a run that will keep hawks and others out.

They stay in a big cardboard box in the mud hall at night but it gets wet from them constantly spilling water, even with rubber roofing and trash bags on the bottom.  I went looking for a new box the other day and got "we just got rid of all of them yesterday".  I thought, no matter I can get one at the recycle center.  We give them plenty of boxes so I thought they could give me one, but no, the new policy is "no one takes anything out of the recycle".  IT IS A RECYCLE CENTER, I just want to recycle some cardboard.

Today, I FINALLY finished the cushions for the cabin couch, so now tomorrow I can concentrate on gosling housing, manure spreading, a little mowing, and veggie and flower planting.

Remember to Remember  it is Memorial Day.

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  1. HI Sue, Meg still has one duck, Fred lives in a dog house with a plastic pool (underground) in front of his house. It's perfect, especially because Fred thinks he's a dog sometimes.....