Sunday, May 11, 2014

As Promised - photos from my previous rotation

A Magical Place in Maine and reflections.  When I was 4 and 5 years old my grandmother had a farm and I remember walking to a big rock with a butter and sugar sandwich to have a picnic.  I am pretty sure the rock wasn't this big but it brought back the memory when I saw it.  Does anyone else see the sculpted face?
We found this trillium in a wet area near the brook

This is part of the future goat pasture, I think.

A calm pool in the brook, now that is a magical reflection.

 There are stone walls all over the property but they wouldn't hold any goats in.  The sheep clammered over a stone wall, here, just last week.

This is a spot picked for a special future purpose

 The brook changes character all through the property. Sometimes rushing and other times so still.

This farm is currently home to a very special person and 2 cats, that I know of.  I wonder how many other creatures call this place home.  

I returned from Maine yesterday but stopped on the way home to pick up 2 new creatures that can now call Cabin Spring Farm home.  Stay tuned.  

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