Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Animals of Cabin Spring Farm

Lots of animals goings-on in the last few days.  

The hens have figured out how to get over the fence.  John and I were sitting out in the barnyard a couple of days ago and left the chairs near the fence so a couple of the hens took the easy way over.  Now they can go back and forth and Mr. Black is so happy and leads them all over the place.  See how proud he looks.

This morning Mr. Black came up to meet the geese. 

 I have come up with good names for the geese, finally.  We are going to call the gander, Cirrus, because he is white and feathery and has a bit of a cloudy personality.  The goose we are going to call Sal, because she is a silly sally.  There used to be a restaurant in Provincetown we liked called Ciro's and Sal's.

A week or so ago, the baby bunny, who we call baby bunny, came out of his hideout in the mint, to meet the geese but I didn't get his picture.  

The deer were around this morning and I heard some wild turkeys but they didn't come up to the house.  

We did have a visitor in the house for two nights.  We called him/her Benny or Benita Bat.  Finally yesterday, I found him/her sleeping behind a picture on the wall and snuck up with a towel at dusk and told him it was time to go home.  We have a nice bat house down by the veggie garden.  

The sheep looked happy after the afternoon cooling shower.

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