Sunday, November 3, 2013

Vacation Over

I am home from Oregon.

It was great to see my brother, check in on the Pacific Ocean, and just take a break from the day to day.

  My brother looked great. He really likes living in Oregon and loves retirement.  We had alot of fun and he helped me test the strength and flexibility of my recovering ankle.

The first day I was there, we climbed a mountain that had some very steep stretches and lots of rocks to maneuver at the top.  I must say, I was very pleased with how well I did.  A couple of days later, I was plowing through loose sand dunes and jogging on compact sand.  It was foggy and drizzly when we arrived at the ocean and you could hardly see where the gray of the ocean stopped and the gray of the sky began.  We spent Halloween night in a small town on the coast and saw a few kids in costume.  Our waitress that night was dressed as a zombie princess and she looked SO spooky I could hardly take my eyes off her.

The next morning we knew we were in for a "postcard day".  We drove a little further up the coast stopping at a few more beaches and had breakfast in a small fishing village where sea lions were barking.

Every day we saw sheep, and as my brother says, "nobody in Oregon has 9 sheep".  They all have hundreds grazing on many acres of short grass.  I worried about them;  I couldn't tell if they rotated pastures and there was no barn or trees for them to rest in out of the sun.  Maybe there are shade structures in the summer.

Today, my first day back, I decided I better take better care of the sheep at Cabin Spring Farm.  I let them go down into the pasture below the driveway for better grazing while I took down the electric wire fencing.  We are going to put up woven wire to divide the upper pasture into three rotational pastures.  It was just too difficult to keep the electric wire in good working order so the sheep would not tear it down to get where they wanted to go.  They just had no respect.

While I was up in the pasture, I noticed it was much easier to get about and I felt so much stronger than before I left.  I also noticed that the sheep and Cher have a much nicer view than their Oregon counterparts.

Vacation over and back at it;  I am ready to tackle new projects with new strength.

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