Tuesday, November 12, 2013

So Much for Kindness

The dead mouse in the trap in the cabin this morning probably doesn't think I am so kind.  But he/she led such a wonderful life here at Cabin Spring Farm until last night.

A wonderful 1800's Cabin to live in barely disturbed, dark drawers with plenty of room to bring and eat his nuts on top of some nice dishtowels.  Even fresh soap to nibble on.  And a late night snack of peanut butter just outside it's favorite closet.  OOPs.

I'm sorry but I tried relocating some of them.  There were at least 6 that I shook out of the big vermiculite bag in the garden shed that ran off into the woods.  I paid good money for that bag and I wasn't going to toss it.  They eat the soap everywhere.  I think we have been very kind.

One of the main problems is that Blake (the resident black snake) and his smaller friends have gone to sleep for the winter and mice don't hibernate, they just invade our home, John's cars, the cabin and the barn closet.

Enough is enough my kindness wore thin.  But, I didn't put out poison.  No, I put out a late night treat of peanut butter.  Sure, it was on a trap, but it wasn't disguised.  He/she could have resisted.  I have been resisting treats.  There is a whole bowl of Halloween candy on the counter and I haven't had a single piece.

I was listening to Philosophy Talk a few days ago and the topic was "Morality and the Self".  They were saying that sometimes if people consider themselves moral then they will allow themselves to be amoral (like cheating on their taxes) and think that is O.K., like they saved up their brownie points and cashed them in.

Is that what I have done?  Saved up my kindnesses and then bam?

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  1. Did it make you feel better when the snake was doing the job for you? If so, maybe you need a cat. A snake, a cat, a trap. Aren't they the same thing? Too bad you can't find something to eat it after you've trapped it. Then maybe you'd feel better that it wasn't going to waste.