Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"What Makes You Different ?"

"What makes you different than other people doing the same thing as you?"  That was the question repeatedly asked at the conference I went to in early November.

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately.  I think I relate to the question because of my history with homeopathic medicine.  Homeopaths asks, "what makes your bout with the flu different than another person's?" What is unique about your flu?  Did it come on suddenly?  Is it worse at a particular time?  What makes it better (being outside, wrapped up, moving slowly, not moving at all etc.)?

There are lots of other fiber farmers. Some that especially like natural colored sheep.  Many that process their own wool (or at least part of the process). Others also instruct in the fiber arts.  So what makes me, me, in regard to the whole fiber arts thing?  The one word answer-- chaos!  I farm chaotically, when I wash wool - chaos,  dyeing?= never the same, spinning=? _______.  Every day is different, every day a surprise.

Sometimes, when I need to be, I can be very organized BUT it takes a lot of intense focus.  Some chaos is O.K. though.   I never know what the outcome of anything will be, but who doesn't like a surprise?

No one can spin yarn that looks like mine.  It looks alive; it looks like someone tamed it just enough to  stay in a yarn and not jump back on the sheep.

If enthusiasm was more valued, I would be golden.  Unfortunately, predictability and production seem to be what our society looks for.

Maybe that is why I relate to kids, and they seem to like me.  Kids generally think surprises are fun.

I like things that can be many things.  I like clothes that can be worn in different ways for different occasions or different moods.  I want to produce wearable art that will live up to this.  I want to make art that is interactive.

FARRR AWAY is the fiber arts component of Cabin SpringFarm. http://www.cabinspringfarm.com/farrr-away.html
and product will be under the AWAY label, because at Cabin Spring Farm there is plenty of Adventurous Wool and Alluring Yarn.

Maybe the 2 word answer to the question posed at the conference is Chaos and Surprise (or is that 3 words?).

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