Sunday, November 17, 2013


 When I was in Oregon, I was thinking about how I should find a good shell to make a diz out of.  (I can't believe spell check doesn't recognize diz as a word).  Anyway, as I was thinking about finding a good shell, I approached the great and beautiful Pacific Ocean and the first thing I saw on the sand was the perfect stone on the table to the left.

As usual, I was presented with what I was looking for plus a whole lot more.

I was looking for something strong to drill a hole in and I received a smooth, wonderful to hold, stone with not one but several smooth holes already in it and they were different sizes.  It is amazing,  I love using it.  

Just before I left for Oregon, my friend who gave me the marigolds, brought me some more.  Another nice gift.  Lyndy came over and gave me a gift of time.  She and I plucked the petals from the marigold flowers leaving the seeds and seed casing.  This time the wool came out a more expected color, a nice orange.

And here is some of Amelia's fleece.  First, its lustrous white, second, the bright yellow of the previous batch, and below the other two, the new orange.

Fall has many gifts for us and especially some wonderful colors to feast our eyes on.

It is interesting to see the colors next to the natural color of the fleece.

I love Charlotte's fleece, but I am not thrilled with the overall gray it comes out when it is combed.  It is nice dyed but I don't want to dye it all when it is so wonderful in its natural state.

I will have to find another way to prepare it.  

I love all the gifts from nature.

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