Saturday, October 19, 2013

1st Chair

I took the sheep and Cher some pumpkin seeds this morning.  Cher wasn't interested, Sarah of course loved them, and few others were interested but, Zorra and Charlotte were too busy head butting, to establish flock hierarchy, to come for pumpkin seeds.

For some reason, this made me think about when I played flute in Junior High school.  Our band teacher encouraged us to challenge the chair above us to determine who was really the best flutist, and should sit in first chair.  This happened with all the instruments and it seemed like challenges happened at least quarterly.  There must have been some other incentive, to make this challenge, because it was a "way to stressful" ordeal just to sit in a different chair in band.  It probably affected our grade.  Anyway, I did make the challenge but never succeeded to knock anyone out of their chair.

I remember, I was always so happy when challenges were over.  Listening to the sound of heads cracking together, I am sure Zorra and Charlotte will be glad when they settle who gets to hold the higher status  in the flock.

I wonder what benefits go with the new rank.  I don't know who occupies  first chair currently.  I know Mira pushes others out of the way at snack time, but they all do.  I don't think Mira cares to be a leader. I think Sarah is probably the leader but I must observe more closely.  I know Hildegard used to be the matriarch of the flock when she was with us, but since her death a few years ago, it just isn't clear who took her place.

In a day or two, the aggression will be over and we can all forget about the anxiety of going for 1st chair and enjoy this wonderful autumn season.

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