Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Watching Things Grow

One day the cherry tomato plant below the entry deck decided to put some blossoms and then tomatoes through this crack between deck boards. We have been watching them grow.

It has taken awhile but it looks like they may make it to the table.  That is unless, a bear, a possum, a deer, or a "who knows what" comes up to eat them.  Unlikely though; not because they wouldn't come up on the deck, but because most animals don't seem to like tomatoes (except insects).

It is important to watch things grow.  Living on a farm with 13 acres gives me an excellent opportunity to watch things grow, and except for a few invasive plants and some plants that are growing where I don't want them to, ( known to some as weeds,) I enjoy watching growth.

The sheep, that were born on the farm a few years ago, have grown so much and are nearly as big as their mommas.


I was reading an NPR interview transcript the other day about a guy who was at Alcatraz prison, when he was 25, I think it was.  He is now 80 and he got permission to go back there a short time ago and spend a night.  He walked around followed by the woman interviewing him, and when they were out on the recreation yard he told her a story.

When he was imprisoned there, he planted a tree, and it started to grow.  It was in amongst some weeds and he brought out water, under cover, to water his tree friend.  One day, a guard noticed him watering the weeds and asked him what he was doing.  The guard  told him to go along, and the next day the tree and the weeds were gone.  The prisoner was devastated.  Planting and watering the tree had given his life purpose.

When asked why he wanted to go back and spend a night in his old cell, the man said he wanted to try to get in touch with his younger self, and figure some things out.  He had grown to be an old man but was still unsettled in some way.

Watching things grow, hopefully, brings intention and peace and many times, joy.

I have been watching my dream here grow into reality.  One year and three year plans have come to fruition and now my business advisor wants to know, "what's next?".

I have some ideas -- stay tuned.

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