Saturday, October 5, 2013


When I go down to the barn or pasture and count 9 sheep, 3 chickens, and a llama, I give a sigh and think all is good, today.

A couple of days ago, I did just that and then saw a lot of chicken feathers on the floor of the barn.  I had seen all of the chickens so I knew that if there was a predator it left empty handed.  Black has been roosting on the 1/2 wall of the barn lately instead of up on one of the rafters.  I told her that, maybe that wasn't a good idea but she still sleeps there I think.  That is where I saw all of the feathers so perhaps she was awakened in the night but made it to a safe place.  You never know how many times the chickens win, you only know when they lose.

We have had a fair number of losses on the farm, it is part of life here as well as everywhere.  This has been a pretty good year, knock on the barn.

I often wonder what Cher would do if there was a threat to the sheep.  She likes to go off on her own but I think she knows what's going on.  When we were gone last week, our farm sitter saw a bear up by the house.  We only see a bear every few years, and I don't think they would be a threat to the sheep or even the chickens but I guess you never know.  Don't know if Cher saw the bear or what she thought.

We haven't heard coyotes much at all this year, so this is the year of rabbits.

Nature goes in cycles and there are always expected and unexpected losses.  The human world is no different.

Life is lovely, but there are always losses.

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