Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"We are not glad to see you"

Just got home after being away for 4 days. We returned after dark but of course I stopped off to let the animals know we were home. They were all laying down and not a one got up, came to the gate, or gave any indication that they were glad I was home. They did this the last time too but by the next morning they broke down and let me know they were glad I was back.

I know kids do this when left for a few days with caregivers while parents get a break but why is this the universal reaction amongst kids and animals? Is this one of those 10,000 monkey things?

Anyway, we are back and I am greatful for neighbors who care for our animals.

John's dad looks great. When we go away for a few days, I count the meals I don't have to make. I like cooking and eating well but sometimes look forward to not cooking for a few days. We had 2 meals with John's dad at the rehab center ( not quite what I had in mind) which were surprisingly good. Guess we don't have to worry about his getting good food. I told John the animals probably like it when I go away cause other people probably spoil them and give them more treats.

Tomorrow I will check out their conformation. Hope no one is checking out mine.

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