Friday, January 28, 2011

Health Indicators

The animals who live here are always helping me to determine how healthy I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The chickens peck me and make punctures or scratches. Then I watch to see skin color changes and healing around the site. Karen and I were doing Beau's hooves the other day and he hates that. I strained my right thumb good trying to hold him. That night it got hot and was very sore but the next day I was ready to start moving it and now it is just achy.

They all make me laugh constantly. A couple of the sheep seek me out and want to exchange affections on a regular basis. I worry a bit about them sometimes but they let me know they are O.K. My emotional health is good.

Now that the rooster and I are getting along and Thor has gone back, my mental health is good. There for awhile things were not so good.

Getting to know the animals better, offers many opportunities to work on the spiritual level. In the last week or so I have tuned in to several conversations around how the animals let us know their needs. I love hanging out with the animals whether I am trying to figure something out or just meditating.

Temple Grandin was the keynote speaker at one of the annual farm related conferences (I forget which one) in our area. Many could not attend the conference because so many wanted to hear her. Grandin is a young woman with autistic characteristics who understands animals very well by thinking like them. Many farmers, nationally, have gone to her for help with setting up their operations to work better. There is a movie about her and many short videos. Here is a link to one.

The animals have helped me assess my overall health and it seems to me it is pretty good.

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