Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Quiet Winter Day on the Farm

The animals are grazing, John is working on the driveway and filling in holes, I am carding wool, and now it is snowing.

Here are some thick batts of wool I carded on a drum carder. I am trying to get alot carded because I have to give my neighbor her drum carder back for a little while.

Now I have some white Cotswold with a little black alpaca blended in, some of Mira's greyish (pictured above,) and some Finn (pictured above) ready to spin. Will try to do more in the next few days.

I carded about 4 ozs to take to a spinning event last week but they put the wrong date in the newspaper so Naomi and I will go again tomorrow and hope there isn't a cancellation due to snow. Where did I put those rovings?

I need a new computer. This one doesn't know sheep farming vocabulary. It underlined batts and rovings and yesterday something else related to plural possessive. Can't remember the other things but I know it is enough to warrant getting a new computer. It has other issues too but it will have to last until I get my business up and running. More on that by the end of the week but for those who voted on the farm picture, number 3 got the most votes. Thanks.

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