Sunday, January 2, 2011

Staying Clean

I had an outside shower today--Hurray!! December was so cold that we could not keep the water lines hooked up. I am glad January is here-- much warmer (so far). Beau and the girls had an outside shower yesterday and I guess I could have joined them but I prefer warm water showers.

Anyway, we are all clean and happy again. Also the snow finally melted on the pasture which means a bit more grazing a little less hay so they stay cleaner that way. Shepherds used to run sheep through rivers to get them clean before shearing -- maybe they still do where there are rivers on the open range but around here farmers are expected to keep their sheep out of the rivers and creeks (the nitrate thing).

Many sheep farmers put coats on sheep before they start giving them hay to keep all the chaff out of the fleece but I just don't want to do that. Some sheep wear coats all year but I would rather felt my fleece off the sheep.

Maybe when I trench and run water out to the barnyard I will build the sheep and Beau an outside shower so they can stay clean all the time.

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