Monday, January 3, 2011

Educational Posturing

Educational posturing was the focus on the farm this morning. After some consultation with comrads more savvy than I, on rooster behavior, I went up to the rooster and approached him from behind slowly with my hands and was able to take hold gently but firmly and hold him down and still. When I let him up he walked away.

Before, I would try to grab him from the front when he was trying to attack. This was aggressive confrontation. What I really want to do is educate him about who is the boss on this farm not fight him.

Here is an example in the human world... Say you were a teacher in a high school and some students were distributing drugs outside your classroom. You could go up to the rooster in an aggressive confrontation from the front or you could come up from behind and put your hand gently but firmly on the shoulder of the rooster and educate him about your knowledge and recommendations.

The new approach worked good today--- Lets see about tomorrow.

On another side; my number one employee in production sent me a prototype for wrist warmers for the rehab/ therapeutic division of FAR R R AWAY. More on this later.......

1 comment:

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