Thursday, September 23, 2010


Weaving is something I haven't done too much of but I appreciate it immensely. The reason I haven't is that it can be pretty complex and time consuming. I wonder how long the weaver of this web took to complete her masterpiece.

I have spent hours watching ants go from here to there but I haven't spent much time watching spiders build webs. There are probably videos to watch- maybe I will. I would love to understand how it all comes together.

A very good friend use to make things on a big loom. She still has the the loom but I don't think she has woven for a while. Most people I know who weave, weave rugs which aren't quite so time consuming. I weave very small items-- use to weave on an inkle loom back in the 70s. Now I weave even smaller and without a loom.

In a couple of weeks the grape arbor/ tapestry loom should be done. That should be fun.

One good thing about weaving is that you can easily weave with 1 ply yarn which saves a great deal of spinning time and usually saves on materials also. I believe that spiders weave with 1 ply but I am not certain. I think I really must take the time to watch.

I think if I were a spider my web would look more like this. I really appreciate the first one but it looks very delicate and intricate and I don't think I would have the patience. The second looks like it was thrown together but still remains magnificent. The first one actually looks more like it was crocheted or knitted.

At any rate it is always good to observe natural things when planning a piece of art like Andy Goldsworthy (see link on Andy Goldsworthy blog.)

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