Friday, September 24, 2010

I am Scrambling while the Turkeys Dance

A few minutes ago, I was walking up from the barn with my head now contemplating whether I should ask John if we can eat his chickens when I heard a deep "cluck". I looked up and NO, I didn't see a giant chicken following me, I saw two huge wild turkeys over by the orchard "dancing".

I am not sure of the dance- it looked part waltz and part rumba. It was beautiful!!! They wrapped their necks first one way and then the other. They kissed a few times and moved their bodies as one. They could have won ANY dance contest with their grace.

I wished Karen was here with her video camera. I tried to quietly head to the house for my still camera but alas they slowly walked off toward the woods.

If one of them hadn't "clucked" I would have missed the whole dance with my head down- deep in thought. I usually make it a practice to walk between the house and barn with my pearl strand connected to the heavens holding my head high but the chickens are getting the best of me.

I know they are stressed out over the lack of rain, but I have been giving them plenty to drink and dumping the dirty water where they can scratch for bugs. They are being nasty to me and each other lunging out and pecking or sneaking up from behind. It is not just the rooster any more.

The other day I was telling Karen that there is a lesson in this for me. Something about being strong, brave and a protectorate like a shepherd while maintaining a peaceful nurturing calm. I hope I learn the lesson soon. The turkeys were probably a hint-- I will go look it up in my book.


  1. While you were contemplating taking the life of your chicken I was holding one of my favorite chickens trying to comfort her and hoping she won't die. I've only named 3 and this was one with a name, Friendly. She's sick. I wish your chickens were nice.

    That's cool about the turkeys. I wish I had seen it too.

  2. Maybe John was right about chickens after all. Don't you hate that.