Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boy Was I Wrong

I couldn't get the turkey "dance" of yesterday out of my head all day. So I googled turkeys dancing - nothing, turkeys wrapping necks- bunch of cooking stuff, and finally as I was reading more about turkeys it was mentioned that they wrap their necks sometimes when they are fighting over a lady or ladies. Fighting? Come on-- it was so graceful and it looked like they loved each other. Check it out.

Besides the two I was watching were the same size and no one was "winning". Neither were loosing feathers. And I could almost hear the song in the video.

Makes me wonder-- if these turkeys I saw yesterday were "fighting" maybe when John's chickens look like they are fighting they are really "dancing".

Give me sheep and a llama any day. Once in awhile Beau nibbles one of the sheep's ears a little to keep them in line and occasionally there is a little head butting amongst the sheep but all in all they are all pretty well behaved and get along well.

1 comment:

  1. What you were describing sounded just like the pidgions I saw once. And they were definately not fighting.