Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rent a Ram

Gone are the days you need to have a lot of possessions. Now you can rent just about ANYTHING. Having a party--rent tables, plates and silverware. Turning over a garden--rent a rototiller. Many people rent skis, ice skates, and such. On vacation-- rent a car. If you want to race at Valley Slot Car you can rent a slot car. Yup, just about anything. You can even rent rams.

It is convenient to be able to rent when you just need something occasionally. Especially when you are not real particular about the size or condition of what you are renting. I am not sure a ram falls into this category.

I am not saying all rental stuff is of a lesser quality. Sometimes you get a rental car at an airport that has less than a hundred miles on it. It may not be your favorite color but it has all the necessities, usually GPS (which I don't have), and smells like a new car.

So if you are in the market for a ram (as I am) you might want to check out the rentals before you buy. That way you can save yourself quite a bit of trouble and send him home when you no longer need him. Only problem is you might have a hard time finding the breed you want, the color you want, the temperament you want, etc.etc. but you might get lucky.

A few days ago, I emailed a woman I know who has CVM sheep that I like the characteristics of. She is on vacation but emailed me back and said she has a ram for sale and will call me when she gets home. Will she rent me a ram? Don't know?

I am really getting excited about the next phase of sheep farming which is having lambs born on the farm but it is alot of responsibility. I am going to improve some of my fenceing and move a gate whether I rent a ram or bring one here to live so that will keep me busy until the woman gets back from vacation.

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  1. I'm almost as excited as you for you to have little lambs on your farm. I wish the lady would get home from vacation so you can get started on this new and exciting adventure.