Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Making Life Easier?

It is a great feeling when you do something simple that makes your life SO much easier. Check out my new old gate. It used to reside at the end of our driveway doing nothing. Now look at it. And I gave it a new paint job.

Yesterday, I disassembled the chicken wire and step in post fence- gate. It was ridiculous, especially when it didn't rain for awhile and the ground got to hard to step it in. Mira got halfway under it grazing on the greener grass on the other side and Beau and Amelia stepped out when I forgot to close it.

This afternoon 20 corral panels should be delivered which will replace the temporary electric strand fencing which surrounded the extra grazing area behind the big red gate. This will be the new home for a ram or rental ram (still haven't heard back from the lady with the ram who was on vacation).

With the three days of soaking rain we got, my job of setting T-posts for the panels should not be too hard. I am really looking forward to it, I think.

If a ram comes to live here, he would stay in the new area and have the girls over for visits then he could be in with Beau and the girls until March. If babies start arriving in March he would have to go back to the new area until the lambs grow a bit (seems rams don't understand how to be around lambs). Then all depends on the sexes here next summer.

The next level in sheep farming--Sound like fun?

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  1. It sounds like tons of fun.

    I like your red gate. Boy things are going to look a lot different next time I visit you. You're a busy beaver.